An alliance of mental health professionals providing innovative, compassionate care for kids, adolescents, & adults.


Eric Fier, MD, Child, Adult & Adolescent Psychiatry

My clinical practice is a blend of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy -- one that allows me the capacity to approach treatment holistically, and, I hope, with warmth, understanding, and compassion.  I treat children, adolescents, and adults, within a relationship-based model that interweaves mindfulness, creativity, self-acceptance, spirituality, and generous doses of humor.

Much of my pediatric practice involves work with “quirky kids” -- kids that do not easily fit into neat diagnostic categories. Some find themselves somewhere along the Autistic spectrum; many have symptoms of disabling anxiety; tic disorders; attentional issues; severe mood lability; or obsessive/compulsive features. An area of my clinical interest and specialization involves working with kids whose OCD is activated by infectious triggers (PANDAS/ PANS). These are fascinating, challenging kids, whose syndromes remind us to consider how immune-triggers may precipitate certain forms of mental illness. 

The adults with whom I work often struggle with Depression and Bipolar Illness; Anxiety Disorders, and relationship challenges. Many have endured remarkable suffering. In treatment, I often employ principles of Victor Frankl’s Logotherapy, which involves looking for elements of meaning and purpose that emerge through one’s suffering. While I have found that each of my patients has arrived at their personal challenges through a path that is uniquely theirs, I have found that the capacity to transcend this pain often comes through being able to signify it in some way.

I consider it a special, intimate privilege to be invited into the lives of my patients to help them navigate their journeys towards wellness, purpose, and meaning.


Ms. Lauren Crawford Taylor, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

"Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging." - Joseph Campbell

I founded InnerBalance Counseling with the belief that life’s challenges hold incredible opportunities for personal growth. My approach is based on sound psychological principles including insight-building, a mindfulness-based approach, CBT (cognitive behavioral) strategies, and some of the new science of positive psychology. Helping clients recognize their innate strengths and build resiliency is a powerful way to move in the direction of success. I use an integrative approach to psychotherapy, encouraging clients to consider the connections between mind, body, and spirit. Clients often comment on how my compassionate, relaxed, humorous and direct style makes them feel comfortable and safe as they move through the process of psychotherapy. To contact Lauren or to schedule an appointment: (404)369-2789 | |


Mrs. Jessica Smith, Counselor

I specialize in the areas of grief and trauma, including the secondary effects, such as anxiety, depression, anger, relationship/trust issues,self-medicating and stagnation. I have been described as warm, genuine, easy to talk to and dedicated. I view every client in a holistic way. Rather than asking "what's wrong with you?" I ask "what have you been through?"The effects of trauma and grief/loss can wreak havoc on lives and often cause anxiety, depression, mood dysregulation, relationship/Intimacy issues and many other problems. The good news is there is hope and I am delighted that you are ready to take the journey towards healing. I use multiple evidence-based treatments, including: EMDR, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfullness/Zen and other modalities to best suit each client and their individual needs. To Contact Jessica or to schedule an appointment: (404)369-2789 | |


Ms. Melissa Lester Olson, LCSW, Women's Therapist

Melissa has specialized in working with Women exclusively since 2005. Her areas of specialization include Eating Disorders, LGBTQ Issues, Coming Out Later in Life, Anxiety, Depression and Stress. From a Psychodynamic foundation, Melissa incorporates Meditation and Mindfulness, EFT Tapping (Acupressure) and Hypnosis to facilitate your work in the most meaningful way and in the shortest time possible. All Women seeking more peace, joy, self-acceptance and power in their lives are welcome. Melissa offers a safe, nurturing, non-judgmental, and compassionate space for you to do your work. You are also very likely to enjoy the process and laugh a bit along the way! To contact Melissa or to schedule an appointment: (770) 313-7768 | |


Mrs. Dana Goldman, Licensed Professional Counselor

Good therapy can bring out the best in us -- our ideal selves. I specialize in helping clients calm their minds, lift their moods, channel their energy, make authentic connections, and find clarity about the future. I'm experienced in treating kids, teens and adults dealing with anxiety, depression and life transitions. I have special training and interest in family counseling, play therapy for kids and mindfulness based stress reduction. I work hard to make the counseling practice as transparent as possible so that you can make informed decisions throughout about frequency of meetings, focus of sessions, and how long we'll be meeting together. Clients find I'm nonjudgmental and calm -- what I consider the ultimate compliment! To contact Dana or to schedule an appointment: (404) 490-1865 |


Mr. Bill Lane, Therapist

I specialize in trauma resolution therapy: my practice focuses on resolving painful issues from the past that keep you stuck in repetitive cycles of negative behaviors. Do you ever ask your self "Why can't I just stop doing that?" or "Why do I keep attracting the same negative people in my life, over and over again?" I provide an atmosphere of safety and attuned communication where we are able to address both conscious and unconscious issues in order to uncouple traumatic events that have overwhelmed the mind and body, allowing healing to occur. I specialize in working with male survivors of abuse: (Physical, Sexual, Emotional, and Neglect) as well as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Addiction. To contact Bill or to schedule an appointment: (404) 492-6684 |


Mrs. Annie Kelahan, Psychotherapist

I am a licensed professional counselor, an approved clinical supervisor and a registered, board certified art therapist with a masters degree in Psychology and specialty in Community Counseling. I have over 25 years experience in working with youth, adult, couples and families; providing individual and family counseling sessions. I provide licensure supervision and professional training on a variety of clinical topics. I practice from a holistic and strength based perspective with all of my clients. I have special training in using EMDR, solution focused and expressive therapies to address client concerns. To contact Annie or to make an appointment: (404) 825-2875 |


Nicole B. Fier, MD ,  Adult & Forensic Psychiatry

Most of my week is devoted to hospital-based Forensic Psychiatry, an area that is both academically fascinating and clinically challenging. 
Several evenings a week, however, I see adults for individual therapy and pharmacotherapy. My approach is holistic, thoughtful, and compassionate. I value the relationship I develop with each of my patients, and believe that treatment works best only when understanding, trust, empathy, and respect are prioritized. My outpatient practice includes individuals struggling with anxiety, mood instability, attentional issues, relationship challenges, and themes of grief and loss. I view the opportunity to help each of my patients heal as a unique and exceptional privilege.


Ms. LaTisha Barnes, Office Manager

I am a native of Savannah, Georgia. I attended Savannah State University and Georgia Perimeter College. I have worked in the health care field all of my adult life and worked at great places in Savannah, Hilton Head Island and Atlanta where I have worked for Drs. Eric and Nicole Fier for 16 years. I have 2 children and MiMi (Grandmother) to four. Both of my children proudly served in the United States Army. As all of the clients are aware, I love to travel and will always share delightful stories about my hometown. My passion in life is to continue to complete my bucket list and smell the roses of life with an opulent bottle of wine.                                                                          

To contact Latisha or to make an appointment with Dr. Eric Fier: 770-507-0005